Preparing yourself for what your new home will look like after your relocation will go a long way towards alleviating any feeling of shock when you walk into a postage-stamp sized apartment that has been billed as a mansion. This is why it is so important to consider using a relocation services agent to advise you on the different aspects of an international relocation, as well as what you can expect when you arrive. An aspect that astounds many Americans moving here in particular, is the size of the apartments in the city. If you understand exactly how small some London homes can be, you’ll have a better idea of the amount and type of furniture to ship over as part of your relocation to London. The reason for the smaller properties is historical more than economical. London was built hundreds of years ago, and while this might make for a fascinating historical background, it can mean that your living conditions are more cramped than you are used to. Many of the properties in London date back to the Victorian age and a home that once had 5 floors and a basement has been converted into 12 apartments.

What Closets?

Storage space is limited in flats and not all of them have cupboards, so you may have to purchase a wardrobe once you are here. Bathrooms and kitchens are particularly small and the best advice is not to bring any appliances over with you. Purchase smaller ones here that will fit into your space. Most people have a combination washer/dryer to save space and you won’t find that many apartments have the space for a dishwasher. Acclimatization can start to happen even before you arrive, especially with the amount of information that you can get from the internet. If you’re informed and have had good advice from your London relocation agents your new home could be one of the most charming and quaint places in the city as opposed to being a cramped box. The success of your relocation to London could just depend on your perception and your attitude.

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