Americans are usually pleasantly surprised to discover that although British summers are mild (much like the Northeast United States) the winters are not full of snow and ice.  In fact English winters are very mild in comparison to much of the states’ and rarely does it snow.  With temperatures mild all winter Americans moving here can leave their parkas and snow pants at home.

The most common nuisance for Americans moving to London and not familiar with the British climate is the rain.  In England it is perfectly normal for eleven to fifteen days out of the month to see rain.  The months with the heaviest rainfall are November and August.  So, while many fresh to London from the States may be expecting the first snow of the year in November, cloudy days full of intermittent showers will by more likely to occur.

While all that rain might be bothersome the winter temperatures in London are a nice treat for many Americans living in London due to a corporate relocation.  The temperatures during the winter months rarely drop below the mid-thirties which is why there is so much rain instead of snow.  British winter temperatures are very similar to much of the autumn weather found in the United States making surviving one’s first British winter after an international relocation a breeze for many American expats.

Preparing for a British winter takes just a little common sense and some flexibility.  London relocation agents will advise most Americans moving to London to always carry an umbrella.  Probably one of the most iconic British accessories there is a reason for their popularity.  With November being one of the rainiest months during the year and ushering in the winter, keeping an umbrella with one at all times is probably the wisest decision.

Most Americans having gone through their first winter after a corporate relocation admit it wasn’t as bad as they had expected.  Though the amount of rain might be more than expected, the mild temperatures and lack of dangerous wintry weather more than makes up for the additional puddles for most Americans for international relocation.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS