You’ll be balancing an expat budget after your relocation to London and you’ll want to make sure that you don’t spend more than you have to on groceries and home items after you arrive. It’s a massive challenge for anyone moving to London from a foreign country. Not only are you constantly converting back to your currency, which can drive you round the bend, but you’ll have a number of additional expenses when you arrive that you may not have considered.

Make sure that your London relocation services company gives you a full breakdown of all the costs involved in renting a new home in London. Rent, utilities and council taxes to name but a few. Get a complete list so you know what to expect.

Online Shopping if you’re new to London

This is a lifesaver for expats trying to stick to a budget and discover which grocery stores they prefer using. All of the big chain stores have online shopping facilities which are useful if you want to get an idea of the cost of various items.

My Supermarket is a useful website that allows you to compare prices and shop from different stores in one session. It might be an idea to compare prices online first before your first outing to the grocery store.

Tesco is a great store for budget shopping. The site is easy to navigate and they accept most credit and debit cards. They don’t just do groceries, you can buy car or sell your home through Tesco and they are a registered financial institution as well. Tesco delivers between 9 am and 11pm from Monday to Friday, and between 9am and 8pm on Saturday. Sunday deliveries are until 3pm. You can book your delivery time and charges range between £3 and £6 per delivery.

Sainsbury’s has similar times with similar prices, and great low price deliveries from Monday to Wednesday. Asda has a minimum order of £25. Check each site for special offers on delivery. You can find a number of sites that offer discount deals and special voucher codes for online shopping and you can save up to 20% on your weekly shop if you’re careful.

Grocery shopping might be low on your list of things to think about when you are planning your relocation, but it will make a huge difference if you know your way around your online shopping website before you arrive.

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