There are many extra expenses that you’ll have to cover after your relocation to London. Living in London is expensive. Living in London after an international relocation is doubly expensive. You need to make sure that you are able to manage your expat budget for a couple of months, while you get used to paying for things in a new currency and are handling a host of additional “moving” expenses that will crop up.

Ask your relocation agent to give you a list of the most common expenses that you’ll have to budget for after your relocation to London so you’re prepared. When you’re moving to London you’ll have all sorts of expenses in the first few months that may leave you a little strapped for cash after paying for new furniture, London rental deposits, and connecting your home to the outside world. Many people who are living here use discount vouchers, or coupons to stretch their budgets a little bit further at the end of the month.

There are massive savings that can be had, especially on eating out, and tourist attractions. Most restaurants have some kind of discount special offer plan and if you spend a little time on the internet you can get a great deal from some of the best restaurants. If you’re thinking of eating out, or even ordering in, you can find some quite remarkable discounts, especially if you look at the local listings in your neighborhood.

Shopping is also made easier with many stores offering discount coupons for your shopping experience. Take a look at the websites of shops on your high street and take advantage of the great sales and coupons that many of them offer at different times of the year. If you are living here, then the best way to get fashion and clothing at a big discount is to go to the end of the season sales that most of the high street chain stores offer. Their stock is usually marked down by quite a large amount to make way for the next season’s items.

If you’re stuck for something to do on a weekend and have to get out of your apartment, then use discount vouchers for some of the tourist attractions. Apart from the huge amount of free attractions and museums, you can get fantastic special offers on the paid-for attractions as well. If you book online and make use of the discount codes available for many of the top attractions, you can save yourself a fortune after your relocation.

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