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The temperature is dropping every day and before the rain and sleet starts to hamper your excursions around the city after your relocation you need to take every opportunity you can to immerse yourself in the city before December and the mad Christmas rush.

If you’ve just completed your relocation through professional relocation agents then you’ll have managed to avoid the hassles of registering fat the council, finding a landlord who will rent to foreigners and a host of other niggling details that accompany moving.

You’re living in one of the most exciting cities in the world, do you really want to stay in and huddle round your central heating?

Theatrical Gems in November

If you can, try to book a couple of tickets to see some of the shows that are currently playing in the West End. Not only are you guaranteed a great night out, but being in one of the busiest and most exciting parts of the city will give you a lot of insight and knowledge about your new home town.

The 39 Steps: The Criterion Theatre

Based on the classic thriller by John Buchan, the stage adaptation follows the story faithfully. It’s a theatrical triumph and includes a chase on a train, escape from the Forth Bridge and the only airplane to ever crash land on stage in London. Four actors playing over 139 roles, this has been hailed as one of the most exciting pieces of theatre. You can still get reasonably priced tickets, but book soon before the tourist rush in December.

There are a massive amount of theatrical shows on in the city on any given day. If you don’t fancy a thriller/drama, then take in one of the big musicals, or intimate cabarets that are happening all over the West End. This is your home town now, and the only way to enjoy it is to through yourself right into the very center of the entertainment world with a visit to the West End just as soon as possible after your relocation.


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