With London being such a large city, packed full of so much history and culture, it can quickly become overwhelming for Americans moving here to organize a system to visit all the important attractions.  I recommend those new to the city from corporate relocation to make a New Year’s resolution to see one iconic attraction a month.  By setting up the schedule now, at the end of the current year, one can make sure to take into account weather conditions, special events or features and any other important factors to consider when visiting attractions for which London is famous.

Some of the most famous attractions to consider when making one’s list are as follows:

1)      Buckingham Palace:  A trip to the palace might want to be saved for August or September as an extravagant diamond exhibit will be on display at that time.  A visit to Buckingham Palace also includes the infamous ‘changing of the guards’ and worth the excursion alone.

2)      The London Eye:  An international relocation is not complete without a ride on the giant Ferris wheel that dominates the skyline.  Reservations are available online.

3)      The Tower of London:  No stay is complete without a trip to the Tower of London.  With so much history packed into one building those moving to London should set aside an entire day to give the attraction justice.

4)      Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre:  All those new from corporate relocation with a love for Shakespeare’s plays need to visit this modern recreation of the Globe Theatre.

5)      Jack the Ripper Tours:  Many tours are available for visitors and residents.  The tours take guests along the same streets and alleys the infamous serial killer roamed.  This is a great activity for history buffs.

6)      Winston Churchill’s War Rooms:  Perhaps one of the most influential men of the last century Winston Churchill’s War Rooms is a trip back in time.  This activity is a wonderful answer to a gloomy winter weekend.

These are just a few ideas for activities one should participate in after moving here.  International relocation can be difficult and one often finds themselves alone in their flat overwhelmed with the possibilities of what to do.  By making an organized list of popular sites to visit and committing to them through a New Year’s Resolution, Americans can tackle all the must-see attractions, one month at a time.

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