Americans moving to London often find themselves overwhelmed especially during the holidays.  In an effort to become accustomed to one’s new city and traditions combining New Year’s Resolutions and familiarizing oneself with the culture is a great idea.  One of the more difficult obstacles to overcome after an international relocation is the food – or the differences to be more precise.  The best way to overcome the new flavors and ingredients British food offers is to jump in and explore the waters.  A good New Year’s Resolution for those new here from a corporate relocation is to try a new quintessential British recipe each week.

That is fifty-two dishes to get through, one might say.  Are there really that many British foods different from what most Americans moving to London are used to?  Why, yes, there are.  It is all too easy for new Londoners to revert back to old favorites from the States after corporate relocation.  London relocation agents will recommend that new families experiment with the cuisine.  With food easily shipped around the globe it would be a huge temptation for Americans to have their favorite foods shipped directly to their door rather than eat like the locals.

Thanks to the internet there are many wonderful sites featuring traditional British foods and recipes.  Many cater to non-British crowds and explain things that most Brits take for granted.  One of the hardest cooking challenges facing Americans is measurements.  In London the metric system is used.  With a little practice one will quickly catch on, however.  By tackling new recipes new Londeners will be forced to explore London groceries and farmer’s markets furthering the exploration of their newly-adopted city.

Cooking one new dish a week may seem like a paltry goal, but as the seasons change and one’s confidence grows in the ways of British cooking most will be pleasantly surprised to see how much food has eased the transition between American and the UK.  Moving to London is a big change for most families and even the best support from relocation services can’t make one feel comfortable in their new city.  By forcing oneself to go out and explore the town they will quickly come to feel as if they belong after international relocation.

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