After moving to London many families find themselves thoroughly lost during the holiday season.  Thousands of miles away from their home they are thrown into a new culture and trying desperately to adapt.  For those families with children finding holiday activities similar to those at home can make international relocation a little easier.  Thankfully, relocation to London during the Christmas season is a good time to experience some of London’s most festive activities with most being very similar to events in the United States.

New Years Eve and New Years Day are big days and Americans moving here are pleasantly surprised to find many of the same events popular in London as in their hometown.  One of the most popular activities for London families over the New Year’s holiday is ice skating. There are many ice skating rinks around the city.  Families of international relocation can search for one near their home via the internet or by contacting London relocation agents.

The highpoint of the London New Year for many families and Americans moving here is the huge fireworks display over the Thames.  There are several viewing areas available but they do have capacity limits and will close as those are met.  The fireworks show will also be broadcast of BBC for those not wanting to brave the crowds.  Public transportation is highly recommended for those coming.  Americans new to the city from corporate relocation need to be aware that alcohol is allowed in official viewing areas.  This may prevent some families with small children from attending.

New Year’s Day would not be complete without a parade and this city does not let down in that regard.  Many Americans moving here are used to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade either live or on TV every year as they are preparing their turkey.  The New Year’s Parade is equally impressive.  The parade stretches for over two miles of Piccadilly beginning at The Ritz and ending at Parliament Square.  Included in the parade are floats, acrobats, balloons and bands.

These are just a few of the activities great for Americans moving here and their families during the New Year’s holiday.  There are many more exciting (and often free) events throughout the city.  Those brave expats can do their own research into the events or go straight to an expert – their relocation services agent.

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