Your relocation is going to take up a large amount for your time from the moment that you decide that you’re moving here. As delightful as it sounds, you can’t just pack your bags and head for the airport.

Relocation will mean work on both sides of the Atlantic and at the very least; you should get some professional advice on the logistics of moving from one of the reputable relocation services companies.

Top international relocation tips from the professionals

·      Never sign a lease on an apartment or new home without having seen the property yourself. If you are going it alone in the hunt for property, you absolutely cannot leave it to chance. The best bet is to use a professional relocation agent who has worked with people planning relocation from your country of origin.

·      Tell your relocation agents EXACTLY what you require from your new neighborhood. While you can compromise on a style of home, it is vital that you have the amenities that you want in your neighborhood. If you are planning your relocation with a young family then schools will of the utmost importance. A little bit of forward planning goes a long way in an international relocation.

·      Finding a new home should be your number one priority when you are moving.  There is so much that hinges on your lease agreement. Opening bank accounts, cell phone contracts and any form of credit will be based on the fact that you have a permanent address in London.

·      You don’t have to take everything with you when you are moving: When it comes to appliances especially, it is always advisable to purchase them when you arrive. Apart from the obvious electrical compliancy issues, many London homes are just not able to accommodate large appliances.

It can be daunting and challenging to prepare for your relocation. The process starts at home and ends up in your new home thousands of miles away. Using a professional ensure that you turn those miles into smiles.

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