There are so many details that you’ll need to plan for your relocation to London, and then you’ll have to start learning the subtle differences in culture, traditions and way of life in your new city. If you’re an American moving to London you’ll be used to measuring your temperature in Fahrenheit. In England it is measured in Celsius, so you’ll have to keep on converting if you want to know what the temperature is before you leave your cozy rental in the morning.

The official conversion rate to convert degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit is: ºC x (9.5) + 32.2 = ºF, but unless you’re a walking calculator, you can get an approximate conversion by multiplying the Celsius figure by 2 and adding 32. It can get confusing when the weather reporter is telling you that it’s a heat wave with temperatures of 30 degrees!

Planning for the weather in London is an Oxymoron

There is no way you can accurately predict what will be happening in the weather when you are moving here. You can check the news every morning and convert all the degrees that you like. The ONLY way to be sure that you are prepared for the changing weather conditions when you are moving here is to take an umbrella and light coat with you every time you leave the your apartment.

Everyone has a ‘brolly’ and a ‘Mac’ when they go out. It’s just a part of living here. The weather changes all the time, but you must not let it stop you from going out and enjoying the summer sun while you can. A short shower will do nothing to disturb a picnic in the park if you’re a real Londoner and being prepared does not mean changing your plans.

Just one more thing about your relocation and the weather: As a foreigner, even though London is a city composed of foreigners, you’re not allowed to moan about the weather. It appears to be the right of Englishmen only to gripe about weather conditions, and gripe they will!


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