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While you planning your relocation to London, you will be doing as much research as you can on your new city. You’ll be able to glean quite a bit of information about the process of relocation in London, as well as a ton of facts and figures designed to help tourists and visitors.

The most interesting information about London though, is from Londoners themselves. Remember that you’re planning an international relocation, not a holiday. As soon as you arrive in the city, you’re can call yourself a Londoner. Yes, you can…Over 25% of all Londoners were not even born in England.

The secret of London though is in the hidden treasures that are not found in the tourist guide books. You should make a point of getting to know your new home town after your relocation as a native, not a newbie.

There are dozens of hidden gems to be found across the city after your relocation. From hidden parks and green areas, to pubs that only locals know about. Street art, art of the street, secret dinners, hidden bistros and cafes. Living is about so much more than meets the eye.

It is all too easy to do the rounds of the tourist attraction and then call it a day. You’ll be working and living in the city after your relocation, but you have not come all this way to spend your days commuting, working, shopping and doing chores. Part of the excitement of an international relocation is the once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a new country, culture and community.

Once you are settled into your new apartment and you have done the tourist attractions you need to seek out new and exciting things to do on a weekend that will reveal a more personal city to you.

Head for the Streets

Walking through the streets is a sure way to get to know the city. Not everyone wants to head out on their own, and if you know where to look you can find experienced walking tours with expert guides that will take you off the main roads and into the side streets where real locals spend their time.

It’s not about back alleys and salubrious sights either. Walking through the city, gives you the chance to experience the pulse and spirit of the city from the perspective of a citizen of one of the most exciting cities on the planet.

Your relocation to is the opportunity of a lifetime; explore, enjoy, and experience it to the full.

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