In our first part of the Moving Overseas post we listed the official links to the government of the UK Embassy.  There was also a helpful link to the relocation UK guide to moving to another country, or international relocation.

There are a number of different visas that all depend upon why your moving to London, where your moving from, meaning your country of origin, and how long you intend to stay in England.  The same citizens we mentioned, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and Americans will need a valid passport to both enter the UK and re-enter their home countries.  Your passport must not be within an expiration date of less than six months or they will not let you enter the UK.  Just FYI (for your information) returning home with an expired passport is also against the law and will result in a fine.  So citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and America can visit any passport office, post office, or courts of law to renew their passports.  You can also download applications from your countries official website of the immigration branch of the government.  Just be sure to file any passport or renewal applications well before your intended date of relocation to London.

It’s a good idea to photocopy the page of your passport that had your personal information and photo on it.  The same should be done with your travelers checks (making sure to get the serial numbers), visas, birth certificate,  or any other key and vital documentation you are issued.  Keep this copy separate from the originals and perhaps consider making another copy to leave at home with family or friends in case you were to need it.  Even the consulates recommend that you carry either an old expired passport or a notarized copy of your birth certificate in a part of your luggage, but separate from your other documentation and official papers.  Again, working with a London relocation agent or London relocation services company will really aid in your relocation to London and they will have check lists with all this sort of information in order to make your international relocation a smooth one.


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