If your in the midst of planning a relocation to London than there are some matters you will want to familiarize yourself with pertaining to international relocation.  If your an American moving to London, or a Canadian moving to London and you are using a professional relocation services company, much of this investigation will be done for you.  Still it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the requirements.  Any persons entering the United Kingdom are subject to the immigration rules of the relocation UK.  You can always go to source sites like the British Embassy, British Consulate, or the British High Commission.

You can always visit the  official UK Government website that lists all the specific information and requirements that your London relocation agent will be helping you with during your move.  But this site will have a listing of all the British Embassy phone numbers in case your have other specific questions you’d like more clarification on. You will also find detailed information about visa requirements, application, rules, helpful travel and health advice, and warnings about trouble-spots to avoid.

Australians, Canadian, New Zealand and American citizens will need a work permit to work in England, but do not have to get a visa for stays up to and under a six months time-frame.  As the relocation agent will instruct you, you need to buy a visa from the British Consulate in your own country before you leave if you will be staying and working in the UK for more than six months.  Though if you are not working, then tourist visas only cost 36 pounds. In the next post we will visit some other good information to know and have before your relocation.

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