It’s not only your driving skills that will have to change when you are moving to London. Part of your relocation to London is going to be the small details and cultural differences that are experienced by all foreigners when settling into life.

One of the quirkiest and yet most obvious differences is the ‘left and right’ dilemma when it comes to eating. Yes, even something as completely innocent as eating a meal will raise some surprising difference when you are hosting you first dinner party after relocation to London.

The biggest difference is in the way that the utensils, (knives and forks) are handled. An American will place the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right. The food is then cut up and the fork is transferred to the right hand for eating. It’s backwards and forwards until the meal is done. British people do it completely differently. The knife and fork remain in the hands that pick them up! The fork stays in the left hand throughout the meal and is used upside down to lift food to the mouth. While Americans use the fork almost as a spoon, to lift up food the fork remains upside down for the Brits.

It is these small cultural differences that may put you off at first. It can be daunting to be out at an evening meal with your new boss and feel that you are doing things the ‘wrong way’, but rest assured with Brits being as British as they are, they will not make mention of it at all. You don’t have to start stumbling around your plates and eat as the English do when you arrive in London, but it is worth knowing that there are definitely differences between cultures and countries.

The biggest thing you need to know about your relocation to London is that you don’t have to change who you are when you are moving to a new country. It is however both interesting and polite to at least try and attempt to experience local customs and traditions while you are there.

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