If you’re making a relocation to London this year, there is seriously no more awesome time to do so. Excitement and pride factors are still at a high in the wake of last year’s Royal Wedding, and my neighborhood in particular is still going mental over Chelsea Football Club‘s recent championship win! Go Chels’! I was just blogging yesterday about the Queen’s beloved corgis over at London Relocation’s pet relocation site for pet owners in particular making a relocation to London, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of topics concerning Britain’s dear monarch that have caught much media attention lately given the Diamond Jubilee at hand. Documentaries and newspaper and magazine articles abound, and just this morning I experienced what is thus far my favorite Jubilee-inspired advert—Pizza Hut’s Jubilee crown crust pizza:

I don’t know what I find funniest, the unanimous rejection of Prince Philip’s story about a girl from Glasgow, the fist-bump explosion between Prince Harry and William over the table, or Prince Harry flexing a bicep for an onlooker’s camera. Right, carrying on, today’s post is all about the Diamond Jubilee festivities going on this weekend that you have to check out, especially if you’ve made your move already!

Relocation to London – Official Diamond Jubilee Events on Sat/Sun

It’s not everywhere in the world that’s enjoying an entire four-day holiday like Britain in honor of the Jubilee. But even if you haven’t scheduled a vacation or relocation to London in time for the grand events, you can surely catch some coverage of them kicking back on your days off in front of the TV.

Saturday, 2 June (today) has already seen the 233rd Epsom Derby come and go at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Epsom, Surrey (wow, how many more times can I say Epsom in this sentence? Epsom.). Most people know that Queen Elizabeth II is quite the equestrian, loving the horses as much as her corgies. Then tomorrow, Sunday, 3 June, the River Thames will be infested with OVER ONE THOUSAND BOATS, starting at Prince Albert Bridge in west London and ending the impressive flotilla at Tower Bridge (which many who haven’t made a visit mistake for London Bridge).

Relocation to London – Official Diamond Jubilee Events on Mon/Tues

As the Brits of Essex would say, “Shuh up, there’s still more to this do?” Why, yes. And this isn’t even counting all the unofficial festivities planned throughout the city all holiday weekend. Like I said before, we’ve got FOUR DAYS OFF this weekend thanks to Lizzie and what the irreverent among us have taken to calling “the Diamond Jubes.” And for however stupendous the royalty is at doing pageantry, the peasantry is surely exceeding in effort at partying. Anyway, on Monday, 3 June, there is officially a concert held at Buckingham Palace featuring the best (and the so-so) of Britain’s musical artists. And Stevie Wonder. Tickets to the show have already been doled out through a public lottery, but those in town can still rock on to the live concert via big screens in nearby St. James’s Park, Green Park, and along The Mall. And if you can’t be bothered to make it out that far to join the approximately 500,000 others who can indeed, tune into BBC1 and Radio 2’s live broadcasts.

Tuesday, 5 June is when it really all comes together. It’ll be the last day of the Jubilation and the Queen will be thoroughly pooped, I’m sure (she’s in her 80s and has ruled for 60 years, for goodness sake! Cut the gal a break! If we really loved her, we’d let her nap and crash in front of the telly catching up on all the Coronation Street episodes she’s DVRed). After a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, a royal procession (military bands included to add extra pomp to the circumstance) will ultimately make its way along The Mall. Beginning from Westminster Hall at 2:15pm, to be precise, the procession will make its way to Buckingham Palace. Whatever you do, DON’T try to see it from Whitehall; the views are terrible (or maybe I just want to make sure there’s room for my husband and I there while everyone else crowds The Mall—yes, by all means, go to The Mall!). If you’re hangin’ in Trafalgar Square, at 2:45pm the band of the Royal Air Force Regiment will play as the Queen passes by. But if you want a truly primo spot, get to The Mall by dawn so that over 10 hours later at 3:00pm you can watch the Queen’s arrival at Buckingham Palace (you think I’m kidding about the 10+ hours? Wait until your relocation when the songbirds greeting the sunrise will be waking you at 4:00am in the summer). Finally, at 3:30pm the Queen should be appearing on the famous central balcony where William and Kate stood just barely over a year ago. The Red Arrows will then fly past, after which a Guard of Honour will fire a salute in celebration of Britain’s sovereign.

Relocation to London – Why Devote Your Weekend to Anything Else???

London is the place to be (or at least focus your attention on) this weekend, people. I blogged on Thursday about the American fascination with British royalty (and irony inherent therein), and if you’ve ever visited from anywhere in the world and checked out the glittering Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, how can you not be bedazzled by the centuries of tradition still carried out in the UK? Britain is no diamond in the rough—it’s long been a well cut and polished gem of the world, so may its Diamond Jubilee celebrations be grand and joyful, as may YOUR relocation to London!

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