Figuring out how to get around the city after your relocation to London is not so hard. Figuring out what people are saying can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for people moving to London. It’s not enough to just plan your move with your London relocation services company; that’s just the beginning. Learning to live in the city means getting to grips with the little difference in the way that English is spoken in the UK.

Many Americans assume that it’ll be easier than normal, because everyone speaks English. Certainly, it’s probably easier moving to London than moving to Greece, but the English spoken in England is often very different to the English spoken in your country of origin.

One of the biggest differences is the letter “H”. Londoners tend to drop the “h” from the front of the word, so the name “Harry”, turns into “Arry”. “Head” becomes “ed” and so on. This can be confusing and a little challenging when you’re trying to understand what is ‘appening around you. Londoners speak quickly and often run words into each other when they are speaking. If you’re getting used to the way that people speak at work, and you really struggle to understand someone, you can ask them to repeat what they’ve said slowly. Try and make a joke about it, and don’t compare the way you speak to the way they speak in a disparaging way.

Not only will you face an array of accents after your relocation o London, but a number of words are completely different. Beyond the basic translation you’ll have to get used to words like a fortnight, which means a period of two weeks, and other linguistic tongue twisters that are often not easily translated. Once you’ve learned how to decipher the accent, and learned your new vocabulary, you’ll have to get started on slang.

British slang is very regional and each town can have its own slag and jargon. London is a culturally diverse city, so you’ll be confronted by slang from other countries which have been assimilated into the English language.

Your relocation is a just a part of your entire experience of London. It’s an adventure to be sure.

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