Many Americans moving to London wonder if they should pack up all their belongings just as if they were moving across the country.  There are, after all, international moving companies that make the process relatively easy, right? Yes, there are international moving companies, most reputable and are more than capable of packing one’s possessions in the states and guaranteeing their arrival safe and sound in the UK.

The downside is the cost.  Moving an entire home’s worth of furniture oversees is expensive to say the least.  Adding to that depressing fact is that London has one of the highest costs of living in the world.  Add on top of the price the fact that if shipping one’s belongings by water (the cheapest way, by far) it will be four weeks minimum before the household furniture and other items arrive in London.  So, the question arises, is it even worth moving all that stuff?

In most cases it is not worth it.  For families of international relocation planning on returning to the states within a few years, storing their belongings is a much more affordable option.  In fact, most London relocation agents will recommend that families sell, pitch, or give away all items they can before moving.  After narrowing down a home’s worth of belongings to the absolute must-haves some soul-searching is required.  How badly does the family really need those items?

Furniture should stay in America.  Not only is it expensive to transport there will probably not be room for it in the new home.  British furniture and homes are not nearly as large and spacious as their American counterparts making it highly likely that there will be a space issue.  London relocation agents can either help a family find a furnished home or point families in the direction of an affordable furniture auction house or retailer.

Other household items’ worth must be determined by the family on a case-by-case basis.  Families moving to London should truly assess whether they need Grandma’s quilt or the brand new waffle iron in the kitchen cabinet.  Once again, qualified London relocation agents can help families whittle down what they absolutely will need.

Part of the fun of international relocation, and especially moving here, is fitting one’s home in the traditions of the new culture.  While change is hard for many families shopping to furnish a new home might just be the ice breaker needed after an international relocation.

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