Planning your relocation to London with children is a big step. While many parents assume that education is the most important aspect of an international relocation, there are a number of aspects that can and will affect your children.

Relocation to London With Younger Children

If you have younger children, you may find that they adjust to the change faster than older children or teens. Young children are remarkably able to adapt to a new country and system of education. If you have young children you may want to consider placing them into local schools. They will adapt to a new peer group quickly and will have the added advantage of being able to make friends in the neighborhood. Make sure that you give your London relocation services company as much information as possible about your family so that they can source accommodation for you in a suitable area. Proximity to good schools, doctors and community activities are all very important with young children.

Relocation to London with Teens

Young people may struggle somewhat with an adjustment to a foreign country. Teenagers often have very close knit per groups back at home and the transition to a different culture can be a challenge. It may help to introduce your teens to other expats in your area. This is achieved by placing your children into one of the International schools or even the American School in London.

Your children carry the culture of your family and country of origin and the foundation for their lives. This culture is established during early childhood as a family and cemented through interaction on a community level. This ‘first’ culture will be merged with the cultural differences that you will find after moving to London. The success of assimilation and absorption is dependent on how your family views different cultures. Be as open as possible to new ideas, new traditions and local customs.

Researchers have noticed the rise of ‘international children’ as something of a social phenomenon. Children raised in a ‘global culture’ or having exposure to different countries are becoming the pioneers of a mobile generation. Don’t think that you are doing your children a disservice by moving to London. You could be presenting them with the opportunity and adventure of a life time.

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