It is important to remember that as soon as you decide that you’re moving here; you’re not a tourist anymore. This is a city of travelers, immigrants and foreigners so you’ll feel right at home the moment you land. Relocation might seem like a challenge but with the right relocation services on your side, you’ll be settled in within a week of arrival and you can call yourself a local.

For the first few months though, it will be fun to be a tourist in your own city. Don’t forget about doing the things that tourists do. Take a ride on the open top buses; explore the River Thames on one of the duck tours. Visit Buckingham Palace and see the Changing of Guard. Do it all, and then you can start again with discovering the city as a local and not a tourist.


You may be slightly shocked about the differences between living in a city in the USA and moving to a flat. For any Americans moving here the biggest challenge is going to be trying to ‘fit in’. Not fit in to a new job or new culture, but literally trying to fit everything in to your new apartment. The best advice you can get is not to try. Don’t bother bringing your appliances with you. You’ll pay a premium to get them hoisted into your flat and hoisted really does mean hoisted. With the size of the average stairway, many people have to hire cranes to move large furniture into their apartments.

The city of London dates back to Roman times and if you think that the streets are too narrow, then remember that they were built for horse drawn carriages, not hundreds of horse powered SUV’s! You’ll get used to the size of your apartment very soon and wonder why you needed a double door fridge in the first place, when you can only carry home a couple of days worth of groceries on the tube anyway.

If you are looking for a modern apartment, then ask you relocation agents to show you some of the modern developments in the urban renewal areas like Canary Wharf and the Docklands. They are much larger than your standard Victorian converted house, but they do come at a premium.

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