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When it comes to your London relocation, we ask a lot of questions… More importantly, we LISTEN to your answers to help you choose the best London neighborhood to fit your lifestyle, budget, and commute. While many people moving to London have a general idea of some of the more popular neighborhoods in the city, our job is to help you find the BEST neighborhood for YOU.

What to Look For In Your New Neighborhood: Your London Commute

One of the most important aspects of your relocation to London and choosing a new home will be the distance you are prepared to travel to get to and from work. We will ask you for the physical address of your offices so that we have a good idea of the closest public transport hubs and the amount of time it will take you to travel to work in rush hour.

Some lines are more crowded than others during ‘peak time’ and you’ll have to decide how long you’re prepared to travel each day. If you don’t mind a commute involving a couple of tube changes and bus ride or two then you can live pretty much anywhere in the city. If you’re looking for quick and convenient, your choice of neighborhood may be restricted. The average commute for a Londoner is about an hour unless you’re prepared to pay the exorbitant process of living in the heart of the city and being able to walk to work each day.

If you have a social network in London or are planning your relocation to London with children this will be another factor in your choice of neighborhood. London is a huge city and if you have friends or family in a certain area you may want to tell your Move Coach that you’d like to be close to your support structure as far as possible.

You don’t have to make up your mind over the internet, our relocation process and One Day Viewing model ensures that you see a range of properties in different neighborhoods so that you’re making great choices based on your needs.

What to Look For In Your New Neighborhood: Amenities


Before moving into your new London home, you need to have a good look at the neighborhood to make sure that it provides all of the amenities that are important to you. Your big move is an entirely personal experience and what works for a professional couple may not be suitable at all for a family with children who need to find good schools. International schools tend to be situated in areas that attract a lot of expats, but for Americans moving to London, you may choose to live further out of the city in order that you are closer to one of the American curriculum schools in the surrounding counties.

Schools are classified according to a zone in the UK. If you live in a certain zone, you will not be able to send your children a school in a different zone, even if that school provides a better standard of education. If you’re planning your relocation to London with children make sure that you discuss your education requirements with your London Relocation Move Coach before they start hunting for apartments in unsuitable areas.

Moving to London with a family also raises other relocation factors. Access to hospitals and emergency services is important if you have young children. Registering at a local doctor is required by law when you arrive in the UK and you’ll want to be able to reach your doctor quickly if you have young children. Not all hospitals have A&E (ER) units. Factor this into your Needs Assessment so we can advise you of suitable hospitals and even specialized children’s hospitals if that is your need. The last thing you want to have to do is trawl the city looking for an emergency room at 3 am with a sick child.

Other factors that can influence where you live after arriving in London are Community activities and centers, libraries and the proximity of shops to your new home.

What to Look For In Your New Neighborhood: Shopping

Many Americans moving to London don’t consider the issue of shops and shopping. One of the biggest differences between the US and the UK is that you may not have a car when you arrive.  (See transport needs above!) If you don’t discuss your requirements with your London relocation agents before you arrive, you may end up having to take several forms of public transport to get to the shops each week.

London Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Shops: Where Are The Malls?!


If you want to do your shopping in bulk, you may have to have a car to get out to the suburbs. The concept of a superstore is not new to the UK, but for the most part, they are not found in central London. There are, however, some neighborhoods that have a range of shops that are within walking distance. You’ll have to factor in all of the aspects that suit your personal preference. Don’t be afraid to tell your Move Coach EXACTLY what you want, no matter how outlandish it sounds. London is a big city and there is a perfect home for you somewhere in the maze of cobbled streets and crowded highways.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods are also the busiest. If you don’t mind the noise from the high street going on until all hours of the morning then you can look at areas that have a buzzing nightlife. If you’re looking for a quiet village-like atmosphere then you can find suburbs in London that cater to your needs. There is no wrong or right neighborhood in London. There is only your personal preference.

You can also specify if you’d like to live in a modern home or a home that has a more traditional look and feel. Bear in mind that many homes in London date back to the Victorian era and have been converted into apartments for the modern day city dweller. They are extremely small and often don’t have closets or the space for large appliances. On the other hand, we’ll be delighted to show you some of the modern urban development’s right in the heart of the city that is well appointed and have all of the mod-cons that you’re used to.

London Relocation: It’s Your Choice!

For a personal consultation with a Move Coach – even if you’re just looking for some advice on moving to London, give us a call, or complete the web form and we’ll get back to you in ten minutes!


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