Many Americans moving to London are somewhat wary about the cultural difference between the two nations. On the one hand, you don’t want to lose every part of your identity when you have decided that relocation to London is for you. On the other hand, you want to try and ‘fit in’ as much as possible.

If you are leary about stepping into a new life without any contact with other expats from home, you should ask your relocation services company to find you an London apartment in an area that is populated by Americans or Canadians. There are large numbers of Americans moving here every year and if you are making the move to London as part of a relocation jobs, then you will probably meet a lot of people from your side of the ocean.

Cultural Cross Over after your relocation.

Firstly, you’re only considered a complete foreigner if you do not speak English. Despite the jokes levied at Americans moving here and the difference between British and American English. It is still English, so don’t panic about it too much. You may take a while to understand the accent, and learn the slang, but if you’re able to read this blog, you’re only a half-foreigner!

British people tend to categorize people into social classes depending on their accent, so with your delightful American accent you’ll avoid this for the most part.

There are a number of cultural aspects to consider though, when planning your relocation. It is not considered good manners or proper form to blurt out your entire personal history during a casual conversation. Talking at top volume is also considered by many as an “American thing”. This is just not accepted, especially in public places. No one on the tube wants to know about your personal life.

Society is managed quite differently in the UK and despite being an entirely democratic country, the UK still flirts with socialism and the people view the government and often the monarchy in a completely unique way. It is considered bad form for a foreigner to criticize “how things are done” and make comparisons to what happens at home.

The best advice that anyone can get when planning their relocation is to listen and learn as much as you can when you arrive. Ask questions; find out what locals feel before rushing in with your opinion. Absorb as much information as you can and above all, enjoy living here, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

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