After moving to London many young professionals are left confused about how to get into the social, singles scene.  With London being such a large city getting out and making friends can easily become overwhelming.  Sometimes just having a common denominator is all that it takes to make new friends after an international relocation.

That is precisely why I recommend participating in a pub crawl settling after a corporate relocation.  Not only is a pub crawl a great way to meet other young professionals, it’s also a good way to learn one’s way around the city.  With pub crawls ranging from guided to self-guided and covering a variety of topics and themes there is bound to be something for everyone.

I’m most impressed with The London Pub Crawl Company.  They offer everything from free PDF downloads of pub crawls to very affordable downloads of pub crawls with interesting facts and history included to guided pub crawls.  There crawls are located throughout the city and include themes like “Jack the Ripper”, “Notting Hill” and “Oxford Street”.

Even if those fresh to the city after an international relocation are forced to go it alone it will still get one out and about and allow them to discover pubs in their neighborhood.  Participating in a pub crawl is also a great conversation starter while enjoying a pint in one of the listed pubs.  London relocation agents all agree that the best way to get over homesickness for the States is to jump into a social scene and start meeting people.

Relocation jobs can be very demanding emotionally as well as physically and mentally.  In order for one’s relocation to be successful and enjoyable one must acclimate to the city and there is no better way to do that than over a pint.  Regardless of whether young professionals are seasoned travelers or here for the first time, visiting pubs through the eyes of themed pub crawl is a creative way to meet people, find a nearby neighborhood pub, and hopefully kick-start a wonderfully enjoyable relocation to London.

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