Hey, everyone! My pre-scheduled articles have been posting the last couple weeks, but I myself am only just returning to the blogosphere live after a visit to southeast Asia. While I’d love to babble on and on about my travels to Singapore and Indonesia, I need to keep this relevant to moving to London. 🙂

What is relevant about my trip to a relocation to London, though, is the fact that my husband’s executive MBA program—hosted in London—is what took us to Singapore in the first place. Back when we were first dating in Chicago, Illinois, he wanted to get his MBA at the University of Chicago. It was always just a matter of timing, however, and years later even a move to London hasn’t thwarted that goal. He indeed attends the University of Chicago Booth School of Business even while living in London. How? Because the Chicago Booth EMBA program has cohorts in not only Chicago but, you guessed it, London and Singapore. This provides for an international student population that brings diverse perspectives and a truly global approach to business. Not to mention awesome travel opportunities! This summer, the cohorts all have the opportunity to attend a week of classes in each of the other cities, and classmates share such a positive bond that excursions on the side get planned—we went on a ski trip to Val d’Isère, France together in March, several went to Italy’s Tuscany region soon after, and the recent week in Singapore has everyone brainstorming a return next year for the Grand Prix. An intense and challenging program, Chicago Booth has rewarded my husband with invaluable new ways of thinking, contacts, and friendships.

I could go on about this program in particular because it’s the one that applies to our life in particular, but if you’re likewise making an international relocation and considering pursuing an MBA while here, you have several options to research. London Business School is well known as a top-ranking MBA program; other schools offering postgraduate degrees in business are London School of Economics (LSE, which incorporates a sociopolitical/economic perspective), London School of Business & Finance (LSBF), Imperial College Business School, City University London’s Cass Business School, and Regent’s College’s European Business School London (EBSL). For further research on global MBA rankings, check out the “Business Education” page of the Financial Times website: www.ft.com/business-education.

So even if you’re moving as a professional and not a student, school is still a promising option for professional development. Regardless, a relocation here is in and of itself an education for personal development, so let our Relocation agents help you get one step closer to your new life.

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