If you have just arrived in the city after your relocation, your first step is to get out and enjoy this city like a local.   Planning an international relocation to London can take up months of your time; now you’re here, it’s time to relax.

Leave the museums and castles for the moment, it’s time to soak up the last of the summer sun, and enjoy the outdoors before the chill of winter settles you even further into your new apartment.

Last Chance for Outdoor Film Festival

The Scoop is one of the best outdoor event venues.  Situated on the River Thames, it has room for over 800 people (and their picnic baskets) and excellent acoustics. The Scoop is an outdoor amphitheater that is in use just about every day during the summer. From live theater, music, films and comedy, The Scoop offers a range of entertainment for nothing.

That’s right. It’s absolutely free. What that means is that you need to get there early to ensure that you’re going to get a seat. Tonight is the last night of the Free Film Festival, so you need to grab a bottle of wine, a warm blanket and get there to enjoy ‘True grit’ which is a film by the talented Coen brothers. The showing starts at 19h30 and runs for 110 minutes which means that there is enough time after the film to enjoy a meal at any of the restaurants located within walking distance of the venue.

The Rooftop Film Club is also having their last outdoor showing of the season at Queen of Hoxton in the City of London.

It’s definitely the time of year to take any opportunity of enjoying outdoor activities. If you have just arrived after your international relocation and have never experienced a winter season in the city, get out and explore while the weather is still clement. The change of season can be gradual one year and instantaneous the next.

Moving means you’re a real Londoner now. Join us!

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