Moving to London means you’ll be looking for a rental apartment as soon as possible. If your employer is going to find you an apartment for a short while, then you’ll have the chance to look around at the different areas and types of properties that will suit you and your family. This series of articles gives an in depth review of the London rental business, and how to go about renting an apartment or house if you are a foreigner who is moving to the city of London.

Relocation means you will be searching for a rental apartment upon your arrival.  For those that are undergoing an international relocation for work, an employer may offer temporary lodging or a credit towards such while you look for suitable housing.  Working with relocation service companies will expose you to the many different types of neighborhoods available, and why each may appeal to your personal situation and circumstances.  In part two of this series on rentals we look at the rental business itself, and the process of looking for an apartment or house if you are an American moving to London.

Your relocation agent can show you a number of different types of properties and rentals.  For those working or moving for schooling, renting an apartment that is fully furnished with all the furniture and kitchen appliances (in 240voltage) that you will need.  However, if you know that the move is a more permanent relocation than you may want to investigate purchasing a property.  Either way, renting a furnished apartment with all the appliances available will give even a property purchaser a chance to live here and learn the city before investing.

Another popular option that you frequently see is a partially furnished apartment or flat.  A partially furnished apartment will usually include the most basic of furniture, a sofa, kitchen table and chairs, cupboards and side tables.  Unlike back in the States, beds are not commonly furnished and must be purchase for a partially furnished flat.  Partial furnished places also do not include appliances in them, so those considerations need to be made.

Naturally an unfurnished apartment is completely empty and may not even come with a refrigerator.  So unless you intend to purchase everything new in England you will need to ship things from home.  A word of caution for those who do plan to bring their furnishings and appliances with them on their relocation UK style: appliances are different in the city of London.  Not only is the voltage twice that of the American 120 volts of most appliances, the size of the appliances you very well may find will not fit in your new apartment.  Refrigerators are the best example of all; you won’t find any double door giants in a flat.  In fact most refrigerators won’t even fit through the front doors of flats, that’s why you often see cranes hoisting furnishings in the air to get them in on upper floors.

With an international relocation there are many factors to think about.  Deciding to use a reputable and professional relocation agent is really the easiest part of the decision process.  Choosing which agent to work with prior to moving to London is the best way to be able to pick up a set of keys within hours of your arrival and start enjoying your new home.

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