Relocation to London certainly has its advantages.  Beyond being one of the most famous cities on Earth, it is one of the most exciting and diverse.  The opportunity to meet people from around the globe will present itself to you each and every day, all day.  Beginning and ending with your commute on the tube you will be sharing your time with people from every walk of life.  But before you can complete your relocation UK style, you need to find a place to live.  No one should be left in the largest metropolis in Europe to scourge for accommodations on their own.  One needs to call on the expert advice and guidance of a relocation services agent.

In London there are two different types of rental properties:

·         Individual Private Rentals: These are properties to lease directly from the landlord, or property owner. Since your relocation is likely from another country or abroad, this option is less likely to work out.  While you may save on a London relocation services agent fee but then if you need an intermediary should something go wrong you’ll have no recourse.  Another factor is there is no guarantee that things will be in working order when renting directly from an unknown individual.

·         Rental or letting Agents:  One option is to use a rental agent or letting agent which does give you less exposure to risk, but with relocation to London you may not have everything you need in order to use one of these agencies.  This is why it’s most advantageous to stick with a relocation agent who is specialized in international relocations.  They will know what to expect in the way of large differences and paperwork that you may not even know exists or is required.

The price of property for rent in London varies considerably depending on the area that you choose to live in. In the most fashionable areas space is at a premium and the prices are extremely high. You will have to weigh up all of your considerations before choosing an area and starting your search. The factors that you will have to consider are the proximity of your home to your work. While you may not be able to afford to stay close to the city and the heart of the business world, you will want to choose a London rental that is close to a major transport route so that you can commute to work easily.

While you may find yourself working in the financial district of downtown London, you may not be able to afford to live within walking distance from your new employer.  But you will still want to select an area that will offer close proximity to commuter transportation and a specialist can help with that.

Of course the further away from such business centers that you go the more reasonable rental rates will become.  For those with children to consider the area that you choose will determine what schools your children are eligible to attend, so picking the right area becomes even more important.  Again, the use of a relocation service company can make a comprehensive plan within the districts of the schools you most want to consider.  Naturally, the more desirable and acclaimed the schools, the more you can anticipate paying in rents for the area.

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