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It won’t help you navigate the tube after your relocation to London, but the London Science Festival has some world firsts this year and you’ll want to get a ticket for some of the events and exhibitions on show. The festival runs from 19 – 26 October 2011 at venues around town.

It’s not all about science either, the festival has partnered up with some of the greatest minds in the world to present a program that covers everything from never seen footage of the Mars Rover to lectures on the development of fashion, design and textiles.

Most of the lectures and events are able to explore scientific concepts for people who are not scientists. If you have children, then some of the events will thrill them and have an educational impact as well. You can find ghost tours, lectures on the Hadron Collider and the principles of the Big Bang as well as some of the best simulated journeys into space.

The London Science Festival is for the public and as such, most of the events and exhibitions are free. They rely heavily on donations to keep the festival free, and it is just one of many autumn festivals in and around the city that you can enjoy before winter comes along.

One of the best aspects of moving to here is the amount of different things there are to do on any given day. The city never stops moving, breathing, and creating new events and happenings for their citizens. Remember that you’re a Londoner just as soon as you touch down after your international relocation, so enjoy everything that the city has to offer you.

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