If you are planning your relocation to London, you may want to book a night out at the theatre. Of course, you can do it once you have arrived, but the bigger shows are usually booked up some months in advance, so have a look round before you arrive and have some planned entertainment to break the stress of getting settled into your new apartment.

London is one of the most popular cities in the world for live entertainment. The West End is the home of absolutely all sorts of live entertainment, and is a great night out if you are new to the city. The district is home to more than a few cinemas, theatres and restaurants, and it is recognized by most as the entertainment capital of the UK.

The West End is not solely limited to giving you a good night out. It’s also Europe’s largest shopping district, although it is pricier than most areas in London. The West End is home to a selection of art galleries and museums, which means you can spend a day exploring the neighbourhood and enjoy a great show in the evening

Heading into December in the West End means it’s time for Pantomime, which is a uniquely British tradition and one that you just have to experience if it’s your first festive season in the city after moving to London

Moreover, if theatre isn’t your thing, the West End offers ice skating, art galleries and a decent selection of restaurants. Anything from Italian and Thai through Vegetarian and Chinese. Again, you will not get a quick and cheap bite to eat, so if you’re planning a treat in the West End you will need to book in advance and expect to pay almost double the prices of a night out in the suburbs.

It’s well worth it though, especially if this is your first visit to London. It’s at the very heart of the city and taking in a show after a day spent exploring the area is a perfect treat after your relocation to London.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS