First of all, if you’re making an international relocation to London and excited for the useful goodies in store at the London Relocation agency’s new website, sorry that I got your hopes up for Monday. The new site obviously hasn’t launched yet, and all I can say is *fingers crossed* it will by the end of the week.

In the meantime, if you’re like many expats I know, you might be blogging about your international relocation experience. Check out our London expat blogroll at our social network for a sampling of several expats who made the London move, blogged about it, and continue to blog about their experiences living abroad. It’s a great means of sorting through all the factors involved in an international move, cheering for your steps forward in the process and perhaps cursing at unexpected steps back. And once you’ve moved to London, you’ll want to chronicle your adventures here!

At any rate, a big part of the expat blog is not only about embracing adventure but embracing change. Change is inevitable; change is what helps us grow. Change also is intimidating and might not seem for the best at first. We all approach it differently; some of us are more adaptable than others, and some of us have different expectations of what change will mean. And change can have a funny way of surprising us with what it really has in store.

In celebration of embracing change, then, I’ve joined the virtual book launch for author Cherie Colyer‘s debut novel, Embrace. Here are the details from her author blog:

To celebrate the release of Embrace
I’m throwing a Virtual Launch Party and I’m inviting everyone to come!

Will you join me?
When: December 20, 2011
Where: On Your Blog
What: A celebration of the release of EMBRACE
And did I mention there will be prizes?

Here’s How to Join the Party (pick one!):
1) Write your own post about embracing change.
Share a story like the ones above about embracing change. It can be something small, like a new hair style that helped you feel like a whole new person to something big like a new job or moving away from home for the first time. I’m hoping these posts will brighten everyone’s day as they get ready for the holidays.

2) Hop around the virtual party and just hang out.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And it sounds terribly appropriate to me as a topic for us folks who have or are going to make the relocation to London. If you’re in the process of it, your life is definitely about to change—so join me here on December 20th as I share my personal story of how my London relocation prompted me to embrace change.

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