Have children; will travel… when you are planning your relocation to London and you have children then education is going to be right up there on your list of things to sort out before moving to London.

Where your children go to school will have the largest impact on where you find rental accommodation. This is when it becomes important to consult with professional London relocation agents when you are moving to London. It makes sense to choose schools and then look for suitable accommodation in the catchment area of the school.

London schools are zoned, and it is not an easy task to get your children into a school in a different suburb. Many foreigners who are moving to London for a set contract with an employer will choose to send their children to one of the international schools that follow a curriculum close to their home country.

If you have younger children they will benefit from attending a local school. This will help them make friends within the community and will help you establish roots and settle down much faster. Older children, who will be attending college or university when they are back home, may be better off at an international private school.

When you are looking at private schools you need to contact the school at the start of your relocation planning. Many schools have a strict admissions policy and you should apply at a number of schools before you make a decision. If you wish to register at a local school you can do so after you arrive with your local authority. You cannot reserve a place at a state school in London, and your catchment area will be the deciding factor in whether or not your child is accepted at a school.

If this is your first international relocation you should make use of all of the help that you can get from one of the established relocation services agents that work specifically with people from your country. They will have an excellent idea of your education requirements and be able to point you in the right direction.

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