Food is an internationally spoken language and for those Americans moving to London it is a wonderful way to learn about British culture.  Much like in the states, London has a thriving farmer’s market association with markets in just about every neighborhood.  By visiting one’s local farmer’s market Americans fresh to the streets of London from international relocation can learn traditional British recipes, try new and exciting foods not found in the states or Canada and help support local agriculture.

Most cities of decent size in the United States have thriving farmers’ markets.  Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are available as well as local meats and dairy products.  Customers can meet the farmers who grow their food and ask as many questions as they want.  It is no different in the UK.  Most families moving to London want to embrace the new culture and learn to prepare food as their British neighbors do.  Going to the markets and talking with the farmers is a great way to learn basic British kitchen tips and traditional recipes.  Generations of cooking know-how can be gained through just a few friendly conversations!

Unlike American farmers’ markets British one are available during the Christmas season.  Christmas markets are a high point of many holiday traditions.  By visiting a Christmas market Americans can buy all the traditional foods needed for a Christmas dinner and even find handmade baked goods.  British farmers are friendly and very happy to explain traditions and cooking instructions to newcomers.

Relocation to London can be difficult, especially during the holidays, but by challenging oneself to embrace the native traditions, Christmas-time can be less lonesome. Christmas markets are a family event.  There is no better place for immersing one’s family in the spirit of a UK Christmas and learning all about their new home’s culture and character.  Many different cultures are represented and there is no better place than at the dinner table to learn about England’s rich collage of cultures.

For families wishing to visit a local Christmas market but not sure where to begin relocation agents is a great starting point.  They can point one in the right direction and even recommend the best markets.  Americans moving to London during the holiday season should also contact one of the many relocation services to inquire as to where to begin their new family Christmas tradition of visiting the local Christmas market.

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