Taxes are probably the last thing you’re thinking about when you’re deciding what to pack for your relocation to London. When you choose a London relocation services company to handle your affairs when you are moving to London, be sure and ask them to help you with establishing your financial footing as well as finding you a new  apartment.

Taxes to the Max

The worst position you can be in is having to pay taxes in two countries. If your relocation to London has been handled by your employer then they will probably have all of the details of your UK tax obligations sorted out, but what about your taxes back home? No matter how simple your tax situation used to be, it all changes.

Hiring a tax accountant is the best way to NOT have to figure everything out for yourself. It might seem like an added expense to hire an international tax consultant, but the consequences of not staying within the tax laws of both countries could be fines, double taxes and extra costs. This should go hand –in-hand with setting up a bank account. Don’t just assume you can transfer money without raising a red flag in both countries. Money laundering is a serious charge!

It can be hard to straddle two countries in terms of your physical relocation to London and you want to be sure that you’re not crossing any international laws when you’re crossing boundaries.

Part of using a relocation agent to get you settled in as fast as possible is having a resource to help you with the small details of the move; your packing cases may seem like the largest part of your international relocation, but there are a myriad of hurdles and red tape that you’ll need to get sorted as well.

You want to be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying your new home and the fascinating city, and not spend hours poring over legal documents when you could be out enjoying the sights.

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