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You’ll notice that we spend quite a bit of time discussing the LR Settling-In Service, both on our blog and the website. There’s a reason why this has become an integral part of the entire relocation service solution from London Relocation. It’s not just an ‘added extra’, when moving to London, but a global mobility must have for companies who increasingly have a workforce that is continually on the move.

When an International Relocation Fails – The Financial Cost Can Be Significant

Working overseas has changed over the past decade, even more over the past 3 years. More than 50% of companies now have a dedicated global talent division, set in place for the most part by the changing definition of HR strategies and the importance of talent management on a global platform.

Global Mobility Is Not Just a Move Overseas

International assignments, global mobility programmes, relocation for work: The structure of a move from one country to another is now considered a valued part of the integrated skillset for both employee and employer. There is however, a large financial investment needed for each relocation and a failed relocation costs 3 or 4 more times the cost of a successful one. For a relocation to be considered wholly successful (benefit to both employer and employee), there are a number of aspects and factors that have to be considered, weighed and measured.

A Successful Relocation is Not About Money

You’d be forgiven for being surprised when we say it is Family, and not finances that is the single biggest factor in a successful relocation. The logistics of finding housing, schooling and integrating the family into a new community, culture and country are the most significant reasons that international relocations fail each year. Global mobility experts warn that planning and integration are vital to the success of any relocation. Managing the expectations of the employee and the plans of the company is a delicate relationship and it needs to be handled with care. This aspect is explored from an HR persepctive in this informative article recently posted by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

The need for cultural training and onsite support is essential, vital even for the success of a relocation and international assignment. Even if you’re moving from one English-speaking country to another – moving to the UK from the US, by way of example, there are still significant cultural difference and challenges to overcome. Add schooling, young children and  community integration to the mix and there is a lot of work to be done to ensure success.

How We Make Sure of a Successful Relocation to London

At London Relocation, we offer a complete Settling-In Service, that very often starts well in advance of the actual move and settling in period. Looking for the best schools, the right neighborhoods, based on your family needs, establishing support networks and expat or spousal introductions is just a small part of what we do to make sure that our corporate clients find the right home in London. Please feel free to contact our Moving Coach, Devon Lampard, an accredited Global Mobility Specialist, for a full needs assessment before you make the move to London. She is contactable via our website, or drop her an email on [email protected] to start your relocation journey that is guaranteed success.

Lastly, our testimonials are available to show just how we’ve been able to overcome all obstacles related to moving to London satisfying requirments from the corporate side and the assignee.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS