When moving to London, England many American families look for activities they enjoyed at home in the States.  This could not be truer than during the Christmas season.  With Christmas Eve just one day away many American families are thinking about attending religious services.  This is a huge city with many churches.  The Church of England is by far the largest denomination and holds many Christmas Eve and Christmas services in churches across the city.

Consider the Church of England When Moving to London, England

Parent to the American Episcopal Church the Church of England has been thriving in London for past several hundred years.  For those not familiar with either the Church of England or the Episcopal Church services can be described as formal and akin to a Catholic Mass and familiar to many moving to London, England from America.  Although the theology is quite different between Roman Catholic and the Church of En gland their services seem almost identical to the casual observer.  Unlike the Roman Catholic Church all baptized Christians are welcome to participate in the Eucharist (communion) during a Church of England service.

St. Martin of the Fields

Many Americans moving to London, England have heard of the beauty of St. Martin of the Fields.  Regardless of one’s religious beliefs attending a service at St. Martin of the Fields is truly an event to remember.  For many moving to London, England Christmas services at St. Martin of the Fields is a bridge between Christmas’s in the States and new ones in London.  This holiday season the Church will offer an early Christmas Eve family service, Carols service and Midnight Mass along with Christmas Day services.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is iconic to the Church of England for many moving to England.  This historical church has been the backdrop to much of England’s history.   During the upcoming weekend there are many services available including times appropriate for families and the traditional Christmas Mass beginning at 11:30pm Christmas Eve.  After moving to London, England a serene service might be the perfect way to begin the Christmas holiday.

Integrating a Christmas service into one’s family’s holiday traditions is a great way to experience the best of British culture after moving to London, England.  The Church of England is very open-minded, accepting and respectful of all visitors.  There is no better time to experience the awe-inspiring beauty and magnificence of London’s churches after moving to England than during a Christmas service.

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