If you have just completed your relocation to London, and are settled into your new London apartment your thoughts will be turning to the much hyped dreaded English winter. In fact, London can have quite mild winters compared to the rest of the UK, and you’re going to be warm as toast in your new London apartment if you have central heating.

If you’re planning your relocation to London in the next few weeks or months then be sure to ask your London relocation agents to make sure that your new apartment has a good central heating system.

For people who are planning their relocation from sunny climates, the concept of central heating may be slightly foreign. Most homes in northern Europe have central heating systems to keep the home warm throughout winter. The heating systems are designed to provide a constant heat throughout a building from a furnace.

Homes typically use gas, or oil fired heaters and are guaranteed to keep the cold out and the warmth in for months at a time. In the middle of winter on the coldest days of the year you will probably only have to wear a light sweater when you are indoors or at home. Many of the trains, public and office buildings are centrally heated, so the only time you’ll have to brave the elements is while on the street.

If you completed your relocation during the summer, you may have to start thinking about some maintenance on your central heating system before you switch it on. If you have not had any experience with central heating before you should consider consulting a professional to complete and annual check up on your home before winter starts.  (You can always ask your relocation agents for a referral of a service).

Many plumbers are able to maintain and check your central heating system, but try as far as possible to use a specialist heating services company. If you have any doubt, contact your relocation agents and ask them who serviced the boiler in your new home. They will be able to provide you with the name and telephone number of your local ‘boiler man’.

Be aware that switching on the central heating will increase your energy bill. Many people wait as long as possible to avoid higher charges. A common phrase as you enter the chill of winter after your relocation will be, “Time to turn up the heat today”.

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