The first thing you need to do is discuss your needs with one of the professional London relocation services companies that handle international relocation and accommodation in London. Many Americans moving to London opt for the smaller suburbs on the outskirts of the city, especially if they have young children and prefer to continue with an American style of education.

It’s not always easy though. If you live in a smaller town outside of London, you will be facing a commute of a several hours a day to get to work and back. It’s a punishing schedule, and living in a suburb right outside of London means that you may have to purchase a car to get around successfully.

It is true that rental prices are more expensive in the city, but travel costs to get into the city may often be higher. If you have never visited it you should not rush your decisions until you have been shown around and have been able to view a number of different properties by your relocation agents.

Living in the city of London cannot be compared to any other large city in the world. Unlike many other large cities, it is not laid out on the grid system. It is a convoluted and intricate web of city streets, which often gives one the impression of not living in the city at all.

There are many small neighborhoods, each with their own community, charm and culture. If you’re looking for open space in the city then you’ll probably be amazed by the amount of parks, green belt areas and open land. Some neighborhoods have their own parks and even if you’re living in the heart of London it feels like you’re in a smaller village in England.

Don’t try to decide everything before you leave home. Give yourself the chance to be amazed and enjoy everything that the city has to offer, before you rush for suburbia after your relocations to London.

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