Well no, not exactly, I suppose that Could be possibly taken the American way, where the term “bull” rarely is referring to cattle of any kind. Actually it’s not the Yank bull I’m speaking of but the American style steakhouse in American Expat popular neighborhood of Covent Garden.  “Hawksmoor”  has been repeated about town as being the best steak in the city.

Considering for hundreds of years Brittan was the world’s most champions for producing the tastiest cattle in the known world.  Hawksmoor is proud and goes into detail on their menu on the type of sturdy British breed cattle they choose to serve exclusively at the restaurant.  The owners state that after having gone to Japan Wagyu (which incidentally were crossbred with English breeds back in the nineteenth century purely for flavor enhancement), sampling the best of America, and Argentina as well, they are happy to stand by the long-horned breed which they claim is the very best for steaks.

Being an absolute food junkie, fine or otherwise, I have seen and read my share of testimonials and reviews of restaurants, but Hawksmoor had 20+ pages of reviews, from in the industry and well and established publications far and wide.  All singing praises for the food that there are so many flabergahasted me that they had to establish a six or seven categories of testimonials for each sort of menu item they carry. Which the steak was the longest of course but the brunch seemed it was as equally impressive.  Must say that for Americans moving to London, brunch is not a term the English much use.  Instead they are probably referring to Sunday Roast?  Either way the angel choir of singing praises are glorious indeed. In reading of all the reviews some pretty deep emotions seem tied to the three times fried chips for soaking up the juices on one’s plate.

Another item worthy of mention is their extensive puddings, spirits, cheese and teas menu representatives.  With some of the aged and best offerings of spirits covering different ends of the globe, if it’s possible to have any room left over after a Hawsmoor meal, you’ll certainly not want to deny yourself any of the wonderful variety of the back menu pages. Also included in the menu is some of the different offerings they have such as their wine pairing, steak club (interesting idea for a group of new arrivals living in London) and Monday Wine club.

With two locations, the original in Spitfield, and the more recent (and supposedly a bit better location) in Seven Dials, London’s American style steakhouse is a welcome treasure for Americans moving to London.

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