You’ve made the decision. You’re relocation to London is well under way in terms of paperwork and planning. Now you need to start looking at schools for the children. Many Americans moving to London wish to put their children into American or International schools to ensure a continued curriculum. There are several schools that cater to foreigners and to the expat community in particular.

American Schools

All American schools in London are private schools (independent). They use curriculum material that is imported from the USA and base their education system on the American one. The social and academic environment is tailored to fit with most American schools and they prepare scholars to enter the American College system after graduation. Many schools offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) and Advanced Placement courses to ensure that scholars are accepted to colleges back at home. Taking the IB also ensures that your child will be able to enter a university in Europe or the UK if they choose to.

International Schools

This is a superb alternative to choosing an American style school. The IB is a high school diploma that is accepted at nearly every university in the world. For scholars intent on studying in the USA, having an IB diploma often means receiving advanced placement or credits for up to a year of college study. It’s a phenomenally successful education system with a focus on academics. Where A-levels were once considered the world standard for entry to university or college, the IB is now considered the world’s most effective and thorough education system.

International schools have a large advantage over strictly American schools. There is a huge exposure to children from other countries and cultures at the independent International schools in London. They provide children with a truly international experience after your relocation to London.

It is important that you discuss your education requirements with your London relocation services company when you are moving to London. Where your children go to school will in some part, affect your choice of neighborhood and home. Most children travel to and from school using public transport and there are school buses that are designated to most independent schools. International schools are quite flexible and welcoming of new student and often have a rolling admissions policy that allows them to accept students at any time during the school year.

Relocation as a family is an opportunity and a privilege. Your children will benefit from the experience as will you.

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