When you are moving to London you may want to travel by taxi for the first few days while you get settled. You’ll have to get onto the tube at some stage, but taxis remain the most efficient way of getting anywhere in London in a hurry. The downside is that they are far more expensive than using tube, train or bus.

Night Time Travel

Unless you know exactly where you’re going after your relocation to London and are sure that you can get a safe tube or bus home, then I’d always suggest taking a cab when you’re out at night. London is considered a safe city, but it is a big city nonetheless. Taking a taxi ensures that you’ll arrive safely home at the end of your evening. If you share a cab with other people, it is not always more expensive than other types of public transport.

A licensed taxi, which is regulated by the local government, can be found at a taxi rank or can be hailed while on the road by raising your hand towards the driver. The taxi is not authorized to stop when carrying other passengers or in an unsafe position. They are also not allowed to stop on roads with red lines painted on the edge.

The other option is taking a minicab, which is a form of private hire car. It is a legitimate form of transport and must be licensed by local authorities. It looks from the outside like an ordinary unmarked car. Even though most minicab companies are reliable and safe, one can never be too careful. A minicab can be ordered by telephone, email or by visiting the minicab’s office, the primary requirement being an advanced booking. A minicab driver cannot make random stops; this will affect your personal risk and the vehicle insurance. Always ensure that you agree on a fee beforehand should a meter not be installed.

If you will be leaving the pub late, taking a long trip, attending a late night function or even travelling in the early hours of morning, it is advisable to book a minicab to ensure safe passage home. Your personal safety is important so do ensure that at all times you exhibit necessary caution. Getting from place to place after your relocation to London need not be a challenge if you use all of the options available to you.

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