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Hope your weekend has been fun but also productive as you plan your relocation. As I mentioned in my previous post on finding accommodation, a lot comes down to how long you need to stay in temporary housing before moving into your new apartment—and how long you can afford to.

Well, obviously the next important consideration is where to stay, and while it’s essentially impossible to provide you an exhaustive list of all the hotels available to you in this huge city, I thought I could at least give you a list of some good values (you know, in case you’re reluctant to go the Ritz Carlton or Dorchester route):

Easy Hotel (Earls Court, Paddington, South Kensington, Victoria, Heathrow) –
Enterprise Hotel (Earls Court) –
Hotel Bluebells (Notting Hill) –
Imperial Hotels (Bloomsbury) –
Mayflower Hotel & Apartments (Earls Court) –
Pavilion Hotel (Hyde Park) –
Sanctuary House Hotel (Westminster) –
Tune Hotel (Westminster)-
Umi Hotel (Bayswater) –

While Easy Hotel is available in a few different locations (and Imperial London Hotels offer six different hotels in Bloomsbury that range in price), lest we forgot some of the bigger, well-known chains:

Best Western –
Holiday Inn Express –
Premier Inn –
Travelodge –

To expand on what you see above, you can also search for good hotel rates at the following:

Stick with me for another follow-up post on accommodation to consider if you’re interested in visiting for more than a few days prior to your official international relocation.

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