If you’re an American gal moving to London, then oh…mah…gawd, have I stumbled on the blog for you! Written by a fellow American expat and inspired by her own international relocation to London, allow me to introduce you to An American Girl in Chelsea: A chic guide for American women who have relocated to London, England.

As the American Girl herself says:

“I finally decided that there should be a resource to help women who were as lost as I was back in ’03 in how to navigate this massive city.  A resource tailored to fabulous and chic ex-pats!

The purpose of An American Girl in Chelsea is to share all I (and my trusted friends) have learned about moving to and living in London. There’s fun things like where to eat and shop, but also practical information- (i.e. How to get pages added to your passport for those last minute trips? What ex-pat groups should I join?, Should I find a private dentist? Etc, etc)”

Much like we do here, of course, at the London Relocation blog, but through a special Lady Lens. 🙂 I’ve only just started perusing it myself, but this site looks as girlie as it gets! Which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective, I suppose…Well, the very good thing about it is its focus on lifestyle from a woman’s point of view. Singles, mothers, and those who just like getting dolled up and pampered will all find themselves at a loss when first moving here like any other expat. It takes a while to even figure out the basics, let alone where to really dine/shop/etc. to up your fabulosity factor.

In keeping with this perdy blog’s aesthetic and content, allow me to add two recommendations myself of super-feminine local London spots I’ve recently discovered:

The Chelsea Teapot – on the King’s Road, Chelsea

Peggy Porschen – on Ebury Street, Belgravia

It doesn’t get pinker than this.

So, after your move, go get your Girly on! An international relocation to the UK is challenging, so you’ll be in need of a pamper. Our Relocation agents can contribute to the indulgence by helping you find an ultra sweet apartment rental—it’ll be your bachelorette pad with all the frills in a lovely neighborhood like Chelsea that is popular among Americans and local socialites.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS