It is always a bit awkward and intimidating when traveling around a new city because it’s unfamiliar. However, it is also quite adventurous to strike out around a new location to take in different sites, eat unfamiliar foods, and enjoy invigorating experiences. Moving to London can be especially intimidating because of its size, but it also offers a plethora of exciting things to see and experience.

One of the best methods for heading out and not only touring the city, but also to getting to know the various streets and areas is to use the public bus system. If you can, hop aboard the famous double-decker buses that provide a bit of nostalgia as well as great upper deck viewing. Catching one of the eight remaining Route masters is another fun way to get around. If you obtain an Oyster Card, you will save around £1 per bus ride.

Following are some of the better selections of bus routes to help you see and experience the wonders of London.

Route 100: Shadwell – Elephant & Castle

One of the first tours you should take after your London relocation is route 100. Although this route is only serviced by single deck buses, you will get to see a variety of the most favorite sites in the city.

This route runs along the Thames River and passes such places as Elephant & Castle, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. The Docklands containing St. Katharine’s Docks were once part of the thriving shipping trade where many of the old buildings have been turned into London flats. This is a fun area to jump off and grab a drink at one of the old pubs, particularly the Prospect of Whitby.

Route 27: Chiswick – Chalk Farm

This route passes by several enjoyable sites such as Camden Lock, the Stables Market, and Madame Tussauds wax Museum and Planetarium which are both housed under the large green dome. This is an excellent route for those wanting to do a bit of high end shopping and gourmet dining as you will pass through Paddington, Chepstow Villas, and Kensington High Street which are some of the most desirable areas to obtain London apartments.

Route 38: Victoria – Clapton Pond

Several of the last remaining Route masters can be caught on this route which will take you by such fun places as Sadler’s Wells Theater, Piccadilly, Bloomsbury, Green Park and Chinatown. You will also travel along Upper Street, see trendy areas of Dalston and Essex Road, and pass by Hackney Central Station and Clapton Pond.

Route 3: Crystal Palace – Oxford Circus

The number 3 bus route is normally quite busy during peak times, days and seasons because it offers access to a large number of tourist favorites. Hopping on route 3 buses will take you to such intriguing places as Big Ben, the Imperial War Museum, the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, the Thames River, and Trafalgar Square.

You can continue on into Kennington and Brixton Village which are less crowded and then further into the more suburban areas of Herne Hill, Brockwell Lido, and Dulwich that offers a refreshing stop at Dulwich Park where a variety of sports can be played. A bit farther, you come to Crystal Palace Park that contains sporting activities, a museum and a dinosaur park.

Route 211: Waterloo – Hammersmith

This route will take you through both Chelsea, where you’ll pass the home of the Chelsea Football Club, and Fulham. You can stop of and take a relaxing stroll along the old King’s Road, the Duke of York Square, or through boutique stores around Sloane Square.

You will also venture by Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and Victoria Station as well as pass over the Westminster Bridge which crosses the Thames River.

Check with relocation consultants to help with your move to London as well as find London flats for rent or other preferred accommodations in the areas that best suite you. Your relocation consultant can also provide more travel information to help you get around London more easily.

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