Relocating to London means a couple of things:  1) Finding a property to rent in London and 2) Making sure you have the paperwork to be able to rent that stunning flat you love. You won’t just need to bring specific documents to rent an apartment in London, you’ll also need to make sure you have ALL of your paperwork from back home.

TOP TIP: Even if you never need some documents – you do not want to have to go through the hassle of asking a friend back home to search through your boxes in storage when you DO need it!

An international relocation means one word: Paperwork! There will be masses of form filling, photocopying and stamping of official documents before you are really settled in. When it comes to official documents; more is always more. Rather have everything on hand or you may end up having to get documents couriered across the Atlantic in a rush.


Documents you may never need, but you just never know…

  • Your birth certificate and a couple of certified copies. If your passport expires while you are abroad you will have to take the original into your Embassy to get a new one. Never get stuck in a foreign country without a passport. It’s the fastest route to deportation.


  • Your marriage certificate. This can be important, especially is you and your spouse use different names.


  • A letter from your bank manager back home and a copy of your credit record. Your letter should state your creditworthiness and act as a reference for you.


  • At least six months of original bank statements on all of your accounts, including credit cards.


  • A letter from your previous landlord if you were renting a property


  • An original utility bill to prove residency and your former address.


  • Your driver’s license


  • Your medical records including a set of your latest dental x-rays.


  • Copies of all of your diplomas, certifications and degrees.

You may never have to use all of the documents for your relocation to London, but like having an umbrella at all times in London: Better safe than sorry!

If you’d like more information about what paperwork is needed for your move to London, please call us and speak to one of our Move Coaches. We’re always here for you to make sure that your relocation is successful.


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