If you’re considering relocation to London, then you’re most likely already aware of the fact that you’re moving to one of the cultural capitals of the world. From painting to dance to urban art, relocating to London in a city that has always been a cultural pioneer. This applies to literature as much as it does to anything else (which country do you think William Shakespeare comes from?). As a result, this is a city that offers multitudes of book stores for you to visit and peruse after your international relocation. And not just travel bookstores that don’t stock John Grisham and Winnie the Pooh as with Hugh Grant’s shop in the film Notting Hill. If you are a true bookworm, with tastes varying from thrillers to romance to comic books, then it’s almost certain that London will be able to cater to wherever your tastes lie.

Your first port of call is probably going to be Foyles. Founded in 1903, Foyles is located at Charing Cross Road and is generally considered to be one of the largest (if not the largest) bookstores in the world. Given its size and the sheer number of titles it has to offer, you really shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a book that takes your fancy.

Relocating to London – Bookworms

If you’re not completely weighted down with books from your visit to Foyles, then swing on over to Waterstones, another bookstore of considerable size. You’ll not only find a bookstore but also a restaurant, an art gallery, and, depending on whether any writers are visiting, an opportunity to get a signed copy of your favorite book signed by your favorite author.

For something a bit smaller, and not too far from Foyles, why not try the Quinto Bookstore. It has the benefit of not being as overwhelming in size as Foyles or Waterstones and it has a great selection of second hand books that will be sure to contain something for your tastes.

Relocation can be challenging, as any intenational relocation may be, but having a book on hand to escape from the outside world can help take off a lot of the strain.

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