London is a fabulous city full of culture and history that is all wrapped up in royal trimmings. Dining in Britain’s capital is equally mesmerizing with exiting trends in cuisine filling the bellies and tantalizing the taste buds of the city’s populace. If you lived here in 2012, you possibly partook in the rise of such food trends as exceptional burgers served with draft beer, food vans doling out yummy BBQ, and provocative Peruvian dishes providing a bit of South American flare.

However, if you are moving to London this year or are already living here and are anxiously awaiting the new food trends, 2013 won’t disappoint as the city will see the opening of five new and exciting restaurants. Let’s take a look at what’s in the works for the New Year.

Ametsa with Arzak

The original Arzak restaurant located in San Sebastian, Spain is regularly found on the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants list. Run by famous chef Juan Mari Arzak and his equally talented daughter Elena, there’s no wonder that the Arzak carries three shining Michelin stars for dining excellence.

The duo of fine dining has announced their move to London with the opening of a branch restaurant called Ametsa with Arzak. This prestigious palate-pleasing palace of gourmet gastronomy will be housed within the Haiken Hotel which is located in Myafair and is set to fire up the stoves in February.


Speaking of fine chefs, Tom Sellers is a master of the menus as well. Tom has worked both with Adam Byatt the celebrity chef and Tom Aikens who possesses a Michelin star as well as serving time at the 2-star Michelin holder, Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Tom’s restaurant creation is named Story which is expected to swing open the doors in February at its Tooley Street location near the Tower Bridge.

Balthazar London

Keith McNally left England in 1997, venturing off to new lands to set up dining dens. He’s obviously been a success too with the establishment of the trendy Village restaurant in New York which has been a hit for years.

McNally is finally returning to the home of his ancestors and bringing his famous French dishes with him. His new creation, Balthazar which is nestled within Covent Garden on Russell Street, is due to dazzle diners in 2013. Bon appétit!

The Clove Club

Embarking on a 2013 London relocation also means you can delve into the cool Clove Club which boasts of being a combination of hotspots set to join forces this year. The Dalston based private dining clique, The Clove Club, is hooking up with the ravishing restaurant Upstairs at the Ten Bells to form a five-course fine dining establishment inside the newly renovated Shoredtich Town Hall.

Bubba Gump Shrimp and Co.

Seafood lovers will want to “Run, Forest, Run!” down to the new Bubba Gump Shrimp that will serve up buckets of big, tasty American shrimp. The restaurant was inspired by the Forest Gump movie and is furthering the memory or Bubba Gump by setting up shop on the shores of England. Just be sure to bring a big appetite when you venture to Bubba Gump Shrimp and Co.!

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