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One of the biggest questions asked by clients relocating to London from the US is the lack of a professional MLS in London. It’s not just Americans and Canadians moving to London who experience the challenges of the London property market though, anyone who has tried to search for a London apartment online (even if they live IN London and know the city well) has come up against the unique style and “way of doing things” by estate agents in London.

Great Estate Agents in London

We partner with many of the top London estate agents to find exceptional properties for our clients, so don’t for one minute think that individual estate agents are below standard in any way… The problem is that they ARE individual, independent and work alone, which is part of why so many people relocating to London from the US struggle to find flats and apartments in the city, and that the process can be unwieldy (especially for expats).

Our unique relationship with the best estate agents in London (Hamptons, Chestertons, Anscombe & Ringland, Benham & Reeves, Foxtons, Savills etc) means we get to bring our clients the most up to date properties in one easy online search with a personal Move Coach

How London Estate Agents Work | Property Searches

Where to Live in London?

Each London estate agent is independent and works in one specific area. There are some great estate agents that have branches in different areas and neighborhoods in London, but for the most part, they only advertise and show properties in their catchment areas. Which is fantastic if you see a property on their website and only want to view that one!

But what if you’d quite like to view a number of properties in the area? What if you don’t know much about the area (relocating to the UK for the first time) and want to see properties in a couple of adjoining neighborhoods? The estate agent that you made contact with will do their best to “sell you” on the properties that they have listed, so you may have to visit several estate agents to get the right search mix and a range of properties to view.

Online Property Search in London

There are also a number of online search aggregators, like Zoopla, in the UK that provide users with thousands of property choices in different neighborhoods – Great news if you know what you’re looking for and have the time to contact a dozen or so estate agents after your online search for an apartment. They are very definitely not an MLS!

If you see 20 properties that you want to see, the chances are that you’ll have to contact over 10 estate agents and arrange viewing days with each one. When you’re moving to London for work, or looking to get your family settled as fast as possible, you really don’t have the time…




  • You have ONE point of contact with your Move Coach at London Relocation
  • Our NEW Multiple Listing System gives clients the chance to search ALL estate agents in London and choose benchmark properties based on your Needs Assessment.
  • We prepare a Viewing Day based on your choices and show you 18 – 25 London properties in ONE Day.
  • One Viewing Day with 25 properties from ALL estate agents in London – That’s right and that’s why we’re the ONLY MLS in London.

We also provide pet friendly property search, settling-in-services, school search, help with setting up bank accounts, getting the cable and utilities turned on and ANYTHING else that will make your relocation to London a huge success.

If you’d like more information about moving to London, or about our online search and to book a Viewing Day, you can complete the contact form right here or Call Us Direct and speak to a Move Coach right now

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