Searching for property for rent in London is never easy – and that’s from the point of view of a Londoner! Its even tougher when you’re trying to find property for rent in London from another country, and tougher still if you don’t know London areas, the dreaded postcode labyrinth and the ‘quaint’ way in which London suburbs fall into different areas, just because they do.

Property to Rent in London – Start Your Search…

When I was moving to London, (yes, we’re all expats at London Relocation!) I found it useful to get an idea of the neighborhood first: The landmarks, special attractions and amenities before trying to search online for possible property options. If you’ve spent more than an hour searching for property for rent in London online, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say… FRUSTRATING!

Defining what you’re looking for in a neighborhood, community or area could be the trick that cuts your search time in half. What do you want out of London? What are your needs? Your requirements? When we do an initial Needs Assessment for LR clients, we find that a lot are looking for proximity to the outdoors, green spaces and pet-friendly parks. It really helps narrow down the search for us and our clients when we know what you’re looking for in terms of neighborhood.

Green London

London is one of the greenest cities in the world and Londoners are all outside at the first hint of sun – even in winter! Walking, lazing under a tree, horse riding and sports are just some of the activities that you can find in the numerous parks and green belts that the city has to offer.

Regents Park


This is a park that is seriously devoted to sports and has some of the best sporting facilities in London. The park occupies a large area of land, spanning 166 hectares and it contains a lake as well as some of the most interesting walks and nature activities. Once owned by King Henry VIII as a space for hunting, it was later landscaped into a spectacular garden with houses and country villas, creating some country style living right in the middle of the city.

Today, Regents Park is devoted to nature and recreation. It is the home of the London Zoo and has a number of nature walks where it is possible to see different types of nature right in the heart of the city. It is also the home to a number of excellent restaurants and cosmopolitan eateries, which are frequented by thousands of people during the summer months, when the sun only sets after 10 pm each night. There are musical concerts on most weekends during the summer and the lake has boats for hire, which are perfect for the long summer afternoons. The open-air theatre produces spectacular shows throughout spring and into summer and is the home of the only outdoor professional theatre company in the United Kingdom.

As only the English can do, the park is maintained and kept verdant by hordes of volunteers that range from celebrities, to recognised scientists, to classes of schoolchildren who are all dedicated to keeping the area green and promoting a culture of science and nature working together. The Botanical Gardens that have been laid out in Regents Park are some of the most spectacular in England and are well worth a visit.

Londoners takes their outdoor time seriously, and the amount of parks is testament to the amount of time that Londoner spend outdoors, especially in the summer months when the blazing heat drives people out their homes and offices to look for a shady patch of grass to while away a few hours. Whether you are looking for some fun in the sun or just a spot that you can call your own in this busy city, you will find one at Regents Park.

Property Spotlight – Regents Park

Not only is this one of my favorite parks in London, (loads to do for the whole family) it’s also one of my favorite neighborhoods, being that there are several affordable suburbs surrounding the park which itself straddles two boroughs: The City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden.

Suburbs bordering on Regents Park and within walking distance of the park include Regents Park itself, Primrose Hill, the eclectic suburb of Camden, St. John’s Wood, Marylebone, and slightly further afield, Maida Vale, Belsize Park and to the south, Mayfair.


Top Tip: Match Postcodes to Area

When you are searching online for property for rent in London, make sure you match the area to the postcode – it makes searching a LOT easier: We’ve also attached a couple of fantastic properties from each postcode to give you an idea of rental prices and property sizes.

Regents Park: NW1

Camden Town: NW1 It does get tricky because you’ll find some great Camden properties in WC1!

St. John’s Wood: NW8

Mayfair, Marylebone: W1

Maida Vale: W9

Property for Rent in London – Close to Regents Park

With our new property search feature for LR clients, we’re able to highlight different neighborhoods and areas to narrow down your search. We have over 120 top estate agents on our network (no need for you to search through thousands of listings alone!) and you get to choose benchmark properties, and have a comprehensive Needs Assessment which is then sent to ALL agents in London to find you the best options for your Viewing Day (we show you 18 – 25 properties in a day to make sure you find your home).

If you’re interested in this neighborhood take a look at some of our top choices for property to rent in London and give us a call to arrange a viewing. It really is that simple.


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