One of the biggest shocks for those moving from Americais how much smaller British homes can be than their super-sized American counterparts.  Of course that all depends on what part of the States a family is moving from. For instance families moving from New York would probably find the size of most apartments comparable.  Those from a small town or rural area would probably be very shocked to see how much less home they will get for their money.  That is why it is very important to not only discuss housing requirements with a relocation agent before moving from America but also come to grips with the new reality on a personal level. Since most experts recommend that families or individuals moving to London from America bring as little as possible with them it is a good time to downsize anyway.  First, families must take an inventory of their current home and determine what furniture and electronics they absolutely cannot live without.  Rooms in British homes are much smaller than American ones and many families moving to London from America are shocked to discover not many pieces of furniture can fit inside. Once an inventory of must-have items has been determined a family can calculate how much space they need as a minimum.

After that number has been converted to square meters (how the British measure rooms instead of our square feet) a discussion with a relocation agent is due.  They can give any individual or family moving to from America a good ballpark range of housing costs dependent upon the size required. After the move is complete many families have a difficult time adapting to their smaller space.  Rather than harbor ill feelings toward loved ones or begin regretting the international relocation newcomers to London should try and get out of their home more.  There are many lovely parks located here and with a Tube station at just about every corner many historical and cultural  sightseeing locations at one’s disposal.  Moving from America is a challenge but with the right information available while planning the move, it can be enjoyable as well.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS