Many Americans have one tourist destination in mind after moving to London England – Buckingham Palace.  The home to England’s queen and backdrop to several centuries of British history, the palace epitomizes the British experience to so many American expats.  Now, thanks to a special limited time opening private tours are made available in Buckingham Palace.

The process of moving to London England can be exhausting for families coming from the United States.  After adjusting to the weather and new time zone a break from all the stress related to any move is much due.  This January those moving to London England are in for a fabulous treat when the doors of Buckingham Palace are open for a very select showing of some of England’s greatest treasures.

Built in the early eighteenth century Buckingham Palace (known then as Buckingham House) was the residence of the Duke of Buckingham.  During the nineteenth century it was enlarged and used by King George III as a residence for Queen Charlotte.  It was finally adopted as the official residence of the British monarch in 1837 by Queen Victoria.

Included in the tour is a walk through nineteen staterooms and guests will be able to admire some of the palace’s finest art, up close and personal.  After an approximate two hour tour of the palace visitors are invited to enjoy a glass of champagne on the West Terrace which overlooks the palace gardens (weather permitting).  After the chore of moving to London England a tour such as this is just what the doctor ordered.  For those unable to get tickets to this exclusive tour several other palace tours are ongoing or seasonal throughout the year.

After moving to England making time for oneself can be difficult.  Relocation agents recommend to help ease the transition new Americans to the city should try and explore as much as possible between juggling a new job and family commitments. Visiting the palace would be a perfect date night event for busy parents.  Part of the excitement of moving to London England is experiencing firsthand the history of England and seeing sights that one has only been able to see in books.

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