Depending on what part of the States one is from their sense of fashion will be challenged to some degree when moving to London from America.  The British have a very smart style about them which isn’t arrogant or over the top.  There is no better way to embrace one’s new city then by buying a new wardrobe and practicing fashion with some of the world’s best designers.

Fashion Week in London

Anyone in the least bit interested in fashion should try to participate in some way in Fashion Week after moving to London from America.  This annual event is held in February and is a worldwide phenomenon featuring some of the world’s leading designers.  The designs seen on the runway will surely inspire countless outfits and accessories for the upcoming year.

Where to Shop

With the internet allowing anyone around the world to buy the hottest designer clothing with just a click finding unique yet classic English fashion can be a challenge for those moving to London from America.  Of course one can always visit the giant department stores but by going just a little off the beaten path one can find wonderful British fashion staples as well as the latest trends displayed during Fashion Week.  Some stores one must visit after moving to London from America are Jaeger, Next and Hobbs.

The British Style

Although there is no definitive guide to British style most moving to London from America recognize it when they see it.  Many people describe it as more girly, yet quirky, then American.  American style of course is not as easy to define either.  What is popular in New York is not in LA or what the norm in Miami.  Almost universally true though of British fashion is that they always keep the weather in mind when choosing outfits.  Unlike parts of the US where the weather is always lovely London rain showers occur regularly and any good fashionista must be prepared.

Whether one is already a fashion guru or not moving to London from America gives everyone an opportunity to explore British fashion and dress outside their comfort zone.  Part of enjoying one’s relocation is to try and adopt as many cultural practices as possible into their lifestyle and daily routine.  Freshening up one’s wardrobe with the trends of London is a perfect way to begin the transformation when moving to London from America.

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